SV SV55 СВ СВ55 СТК Сибирская творожная компания Siberian Cottage Cheese Company г. Омск
About us

Our company has proven to be the leading distributor of dairy products in Russia's markets. We offer and distribute a wide variety of dairy products known under our trademark «Siberian Cottage Cheese Company» at competitive prices to our partners in Omsk city, Omsk region, Surgut city, Nizhnevartovsk city, Neftugansk city, Megion city, and Kigalym city.

Our credo is to offer our clients wide selection of products of the highest quality at most competitive prices accompanied by reliable customer service. With several wholesale and retail warehouses and transportation base we have been serving our clients’ needs for over 10 years.

We supply dairy products to over 400 food retail companies. Our partners include some of the largest supermarkets:

  • «Our shop» - 28 stores,
  • «Astor» - 14 stores,
  • «Omich & K» - 6 stores,
  • «Holiday» - 30 stores,
  • «Оshа» - 5 stores
  • «Geomart»
  • «AT Market»
  • «Metro»
  • «Lenta»
  • «Killogram» - 30 stores.
  • Additionally, we supply dairy products to food and beverage establishments, including canteens, cafes, restaurants; state organizations, including day care facilities, schools, universities, hospitals, and resorts; and food markets.

    In 2008 we opened an affiliate company SV LLC in Surgut city. Within a first year we became the leading distributor in the region, delivering dairy products to all major food companies, including: "Warehouse", "Prime Minister", "Meat Yard", "Edelweiss", "Growth", "Always", and stores and markets totaling to 300 food companies.

    Our company has wholesale warehouses in Tobolsk city and Tyumen region, serving both consumers and retail stores in Tobolsk and Tyumen regions

    We take pride in our partnering dairy production companies:

  • LLC «SouzMolProduct» (Moscow),
  • OGSC «Duminichsky МZ» (Kaluga Region),
  • LLC PK «Obninsk Dairy Products» (Kaluga Region),
  • LLC «TD Milk the Cascade» (Moscow),
  • LLC «Rostmolprom» (Kaluga Region),
  • LLC «Siberian Factory of Dairy Products» (Novosibirsk Region),
  • OGSC «MosKalensky Maslosyrkombinat» (Omsk region).
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